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“Join Me LIVE in London, December 16/17 2017,
and Discover the Insider Secrets For
Creating and Running a Profitable Membership Site!"

"Membership Profits Live!"
will show you how to get recurring income,
regardless of your background or experience.


What is it?

A 2 Day LIVE Training event in London England, to learn the insider secrets for starting, optimizing, and growing residual income from a membership site.


Saturday and Sunday December 16/17, 2017.  The program starts at 9am on Saturday December 16th and concludes at 4:30pm on Sunday December 17th.


The exact venue will be provided to you after booking.  It's very close Heathrow airport.  LHR airport is easy to get to with direct flights from most European cities, and many International flights too.  It's a hub for British Airways.

Your Host?

This event is presented by Andrew Lock.  He is the creator and host of, and has built profitable businesses in a variety of niches, with membership sites.

Dear Friend,

Remember the hit song "Hotel California" by The Eagles?

That song was written in 1973, and decades later those talented musicians are still being paid residual income for writing it. To date, they’ve made over $260 MILLION DOLLARS!

Membership Sites work on the same concept of residual income, also known as passive income or recurring income.  It’s incredibly exciting to get big deposits of money in your bank account every month for work you did years ago!

The Power of Passive Income

Imagine if you attract just ONE new customer a day, and each one gives you $30 a month. That’s 30 x $30.  After just 3 months, your recurring, residual income will be:


In just 12 months, you’ll be getting $10,800.00 in cash, deposited directly into your bank account EVERY MONTH!

In 2 years it gets even more exciting because as the number of members continues to grow by the compound effect, you’ll be looking at around $21,600.00 EVERY month!

Who is Andrew Lock?

Andrew Lock is the presenter of the #1 entertaining video podcast for entrepreneurs, called "Help My Business!" Coincidentally he is also British.  Since 2004 Andrew has built 6 successful membership sites on a range of topics, and he’s helped thousands of business owners to do the same.

How Is Your Business Doing Right Now?
How many of the following statements do you agree with...?

  • “I’m tired of working long hours, getting paid LESS than I’m worth.”
  • “I’d like to create a retirement fund but I never seem to get ahead enough to add to my savings.”
  • “I deserve a better quality of life, and I’d LOVE to take more vacations without worrying about how to pay the bills.”
  • “I’ve tried various ways to make money online.”
  • “I am fed up of busting a gut to build someone else’s dream and ready to finally fulfill my own dreams.”

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to more than one of those statements, you need to join us in December for a life-changing live event!

Here’s why…

The Ultimate Success Secret

Unfortunately, most people continue to trade time for money, trying all kinds of things they HOPE will make a difference.

Unfortunately, trading time for money is a dead-end, because you’ll never ever get ahead.

The ultimate success secret, that all three of us wish we’d known years earlier, is that Membership Sites are the #1 way to make passive income online.

Here’s why…

A membership site is built ONCE, and then you're continually paid, over and over again, month after month.  In fact, it’s the easiest way to build wealth that we’ve found.

Some people build a membership site and keep it for passive income.

Others build a membership site and sell it for big money.

Some build a membership site and pass it on to their kids as a money-making inheritance.

The 6 BIG Benefits of Having a Membership Site

The number one question I'm asked is...

“How can I create a profitable membership site with recurring income?”
Please read on...

Join us and discover the very best strategies
for building and growing a profitable membership site

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pros and Cons of Platforms

There’s a dizzying array of membership platforms out there, and they’re not all created equal. Although we’re fans of WishList Member, we also use other platforms for certain types of sites, so we’ll share a helpful summary of our research and recommendations.

Case Studies

We’ll take a look at real-world examples of successful membership sites, and show you some of the hidden tricks and techniques that made them successful.

Creating a Community

It’s well been said that members come for the content and stay for the community, so we’ll explain how to create a thriving forum that members love.

Content Creation Shortcuts

Over the years we’ve developed some clever ways to (a) create high quality content fast, and (b) get others to create content for us. Learn these same methods in this exciting session.

Content Creation on a Budget

When you’re first starting out you’ll probably want to create content on a shoestring. We’ll show you how we leverage both free and public domain resources, legally and effortlessly in a way that members love!

Content Creation Resources

Need a resource to find the latest news on any topic to share with your members? We have it! How about a way to survey members within your site and share the results? We have it! How would you like to learn how to

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Membership Profits

In this session we’ll show you some creative and unconventional ways to structure your membership site. For example, did you know that some membership site owners make a lot of money by giving membership away for free!

Monetizing Beyond a Membership Site

Once your site is running nicely, what’s next? We’ll show you 5 easy add-on methods for making additional profits from your membership site.

7 Member Retention Secrets

Learn how to keep members for as long as possible! We’ll show you 7 proven ways to keep your churn rate below 2%, which is extraordinarily low for a membership site.

Social Media Marketing

How to use the popular platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to attract new members for your site.

The Irresistible Offer

The importance and strategy behind creating an irresistible offer as the first step in your marketing campaign. We’ll show case studies of both what to do, and what not to do.

Open Forum Q&A

This is your chance to ask us anything. We’re an open book, and we’re here to help you, so hit us with your best shot!

What's the Investment?

As you probably know, a specialist college or university course typically costs tens of thousands, often much more. Some students leave with nothing more than a piece of paper and a huge debt to pay off.  There’s certainly no guarantee of income, let alone recurring income every month!

This transformational live event is the culmination of countless years of research, testing, and experience.   I have more than 9 years experience with membership sites.

Frankly, to hire me personally for a consultation would cost you in the region of $6,500.00 a day.  If you  follow my system you should be able to make more than that every month!  And let’s face it, many franchises cost more than $100,000.00 with ZERO guarantees that you’ll EVER make a profit!

However, I didn't want price to get in the way of this being a life changing moment for you.  So ultimately I decided to offer this event to you for $2,000.

Think about this. If you decline this invitation, what else will you do to change your current financial situation, get out of debt, or achieve the financial freedom you deserve?

I am committed to you, now it’s time to show your commitment to me!

In both life and in business there are no guarantees, but Membership Profits Live is different...


Here's Your Guarantee

“Secure your ticket today for Membership Profits Live, and if by lunch time on the first day you don’t believe you’ve already received tremendous value, I will happily refund your ticket price in full!”


We fully expect to sell-out!  The last time we did an event, we sold out several weeks before the event, and we had countless people begging us to let them in. We had to turn them away because there was no more space. If you delay in making a decision, you may not be able to get in, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Remember too, you could easily waste years of your precious time, and tens of thousands of dollars chasing other opportunities that are unproven and not guaranteed.  Why continue to bash your head against a brick wall day-after-day to try and find your own path to success, when there's a faster and cheaper option right here, that’s guaranteed?

Go ahead and REGISTER NOW using the button below. We’re excited to meet you in person and help you succeed.

Andrew Lock

P.S. Membership Profits Live isn't just about making money, it's about creating long-term financial freedom for you, your family and your loved ones. Remember, since we’re taking all the risk with our guarantee, there should be nothing holding you back from saying "YES" to registering for the event, because your fee is FULLY protected.

Register now, while there are spots available.

YES! I'd Like to Join you.

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  • 2 Days of Intensive Training

  • Stay and Enjoy London!

Key Benefits of Membership Site Profits LIVE:

  • 4 ways to thoroughly research a new topic
  • How to choose the right membership platform
  • 9 Types of content and how to outsource them
  • Systems for attracting members automatically
  • Retaining members and keeping them happy

$2000 for 2 Days Training

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What are my transportation options? +

Heathrow is less than 15 minutes from central London, via the Heathrow Express. LHR airport is also very convenient if you are traveling from other countries.  You will not need to rent a car as the hotel is very close to the airport.  There is a shuttle bus that costs 5 pounds.

Where can I park? +

The hotel (and event venue) has plenty of parking available for you.

Is there a dress code for the event? +

No need to dress up, this is a casual event. We’ll be inside during the day so you’ll be comfortable, but remember to bring layers, as well as a jacket.  Its impossible to know what the weather will be until nearer the time, so we encourage you to keep an eye on the forecast.

Is there anything to do in the local area if I extend my stay? +

London has much to see and do. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to explore, and many attractions within a short train ride.


Will I benefit from attending the event even if I'm not inexperienced with tech? +

Yes!  The only requirement is that you have an open mind and a willingness to follow Andrew's direction.  He will show you how to outsource the technical stuff.

I don’t know what topic to choose for my membership site, is that a problem? +

Many attendees will be in the same situation. On the first day we'll guide you through a process that will make you feel good about the topic you choose.

Are lodging or accommodations included in the package price? +

No. Lodging is not included in the price of the live event. You will need to take care of your own accommodations.  After booking, we will let you know the name of the hotel, and rooms can be had for between 65 and 90 GBP a night.

Will the event be recorded? +

The plan is to record the event and then offer it for sale at some point after the event.  That being said, we don't currently have a firm date for when the recordings might be made available or any pricing information.